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Elon Musk providing 'significant idea' to launch brand-new social media system

Elon Musk providing 'Significant Idea' to launch brand-new social media system

Tesla Inc President Elon Musk is providing "major idea" to building a brand-new social media system, the billionaire claimed in a tweet on Saturday.

Musk was reacting to a Twitter user's question on whether he would think about building a social media sites system consisting of an open resource formula and one that would certainly prioritize free speech, and where publicity was marginal.

Musk, a prolific customer of Twitter himself, has been important of the social networks platform and also its plans of late. He has said the business is threatening freedom by falling short to adhere to free speech principles.

His tweet comes a day after he produced a Twitter poll asking users if they believed Twitter sticks to the principle of free speech, to which over 70% voted "no".

"The effects of this survey will be necessary. Please elect meticulously," he stated on Friday.

If Musk decides to go ahead with creating a new system, he would certainly be signing up with an expanding portfolio of modern technology business that are positioning themselves as champs of free speech and also which wish to attract individuals who feel their views are subdued on platforms such as:

  • Twitter
  • Meta Platform's
  • Facebook
  • Alphabet-owned Google's YouTube

None of the firms, consisting of Donald Trump's Reality Social, Twitter competitors Gettr as well as Parler and also video clip website Rumble, have actually resembled matching the reach and also popularity of the mainstream systems until now.

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