EP 66 | True Life: I Have been Ghosted

December 10, 2019

Hello music lovers!
Have you ever been ghosted? If not.. Lucky you! On this week’s episode the ladies share their own personal ghosting story. You do not want to miss their funny stories! During our segments, Joey featured a dope company called Single Serv. Their company allows musicians to directly raise money for charities by using their music singles. Quana discusses why being friends with the opposite sex will upgrade your life! Plus T dissects lyrics that showcase the correlation between Christmas and consumerism. 

Have a favorite segment?? Fast forward to though our topics!

3:25 QOTD-Ghosting
19:38  A Dose of Dopeness-Single Sev music app
24:19 Let me upgrade you- Platonic friendships of the opposite sex
16:27 Behind the lyrics- All I want for Xmas is you 

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Intro Music: J.Robb - Owe The World


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