EP 61 | Views In Review: Netflix's Rhythm & Flow

November 4, 2019

Hello music lovers! On this week’s episode we have second installment of “Views in Review”. This series will feature an in depth discussion of a particular piece of media & entertainment that makes a significant impact in our everyday lives. This could be anything from music, television, podcasts, movies, etc. This episode features Netflix new music competition series called Rhythm + Flow. During the discussion the chixx dissect this new take on yet another music competition show. This conversation provoked  a question “Is hip hop an extension of black culture?” Do you agree or disagree? Take a listen to the show to see what the chixx think. We also discuss the word “culture” and how hip hop an extension of black culture. To conclude the episode the ladies feature another segment of “what we are listening to” .Tune in and see what new music you should be listening to.

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Intro Music: J.Robb - Owe The World

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