EP 63 | Views In Review: Normalizing Struggle Love In Music

November 18, 2019

Hello Music lovers! On this week's edition of View in Review, the chixx discuss struggle love and how it is normalized in black music. During the conversation, the ladies also discussed Medium.com’s article “struggle love is not a badge of honor”. The article depicts the false pretenses of love that causes hardship. In addition, the chixx also dissect lyrics from their struggle love musical picks. Tune in to find out why love should not be a struggle and why glorifying a side chick still is not the business in 2019.

Songs we dissect:
Monica- sideline hoe [30:50]
Mokenstep- He’s mine [39.01]
Vivian Green- Emotional Roller coaster [44.37]

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Intro Music: J.Robb - Owe The World

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