EP 62 | We Love...Love

November 12, 2019

Hello Music Lovers! This week Joey and Quana are running the show.(Get well soon T!)  During the "Dose of Dopeness" segment we shout out Meag Taylor ( @meagtalks ) who is doing great things to help lift up and support women in the radio industry, which is a notoriously male dominated industry.  Meag wants women to feel comfortable and empowered to follow their dreams in media and entertainment. Definitely check out Meag and her amazing business! Next up, Quana wants to "upgrade you" with some ROMANCE lol. We discuss Issa Rae's new rom com movies, The Photograph and The Love Birds, releasing early 2020 and WE CAN'T WAIT. Quana introduces us to author Jasmine Guillory, a black woman who writes contemporary romance novels centered around black women which is not a common thing unfortunately. We talk about why seeing black women happily in love is very important for our community and how Jasmine's writing helps push the narrative that black women deserve love too. Find her on Instagram @jasminepics . Lastly, we share what we're listening to this week. Be sure to follow, rate, review, and subscribe to get all VFTC content as soon as it comes out!

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Intro Music: J.Robb - Owe The World

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