EP 58 | Don't Call It A Comeback

October 9, 2019

Hello music lovers!!! We took a 6 month hiatus to regroup, refocus and retreat. Now we are back and we are better than ever! On this week’s episode, the ladies update the listeners on their summer escapades. One adventure in particular at The Roots Picnic changed  Joey and Quana’s perspective on music festivals forever. Let’s just say...their experience was not pleasant. Tune in to get the full story.

The Chixx also changed things up a bit and introduced 3 new segments. First up, “A dose of dopeness” is hosted by Joey. This is where she will highlight dope creatives who utilize music in a great way. The 2nd segment hosted by Quana is called  “Let me upgrade you”. She introduces listeners to different ways to enhance their lives. They say self-love is the best love! Listeners will learn different ways to take that love to a different level.  Last but not least is T's segment is called “ Behind the lyrics.” During this segment, she will break down lyrical content from various artists as we discuss in depth how life imitates art and vice versa.

To wrap things up, the ladies highlight some of their favorite music right now in our recurring segment called “What we're listening to”. Take a listen and you may discover a new artist that needs to be added to your playlist ASAP!

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