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February 11, 2019

And another one (in my Dj Khaled voice)! Hey ya’ll! Ya girl Bri, here; I’m back and have a super sexy, low key vibe post. Ya’ll goin head burn your candles or light your incense, and get a cup of chamomile tea because I’m about to set the mood with this one. We are going to slow it down just a little, and get the mood right for a little Netflix and chill. So, let me take a sip of my tea and goin head and spill this musical tea with ya’ll.

Now before you jump into the post…. As you scroll down you’ll see I did a little different formatting for this post; I thought I’ll get right to the point and give ya’ll some quick introductory facts on each artist. Let me know how you like the change, it’s not permanent but I defintley wanted to try something different. Also, ya girl recorded with the ladies of Views from the Chixx; I spilled a little tea on the current news in hip hop and I officially introduced myself, so be sure to check it out once its live. Thank you so much for rocking with me post after post, if you wanna catch up with me between post feel free to look me up on IG. Now, without further interruptions, lets get into these artists, Enjoy!

Name: R.LUM.R; pronounced it R- Lamar. Age: 28. Hometown: Brandenton, Florida.
Playlist: “Frustrated” and “Tell Me”.

Name: Gallant.  Age:27. Hometown: Columbia, Maryland.
Playlist: “Weight in Gold”, “Gentleman”, “Skipping Stones”, and “Bourbon”.

Name: James Vickery. Age: 22. Hometown: South London
Playlist: “In the Morning”, and ”Fall”.

Name: H.E.R (Gabriella Wilson). Age: 21. Hometown: Vallejo, California.
Playlist: “Lights On”, “Rather Be”, and “Every kind of Way”.

Name: Summer Walker. Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia.
Playlist: “Girls Need Love”, “Baby”, and “I’m There”.

Name: Kyle Dion. Hometown: Los Angeles, by way of South Florida.
Playlist: “Hold on to me” and “Cool side of the pillow”.

Name: Kelela . Age: 35. Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Playlist: “LMK”, “Rewind”, and “All the way down”.

Check out our Spotify playlist  to take a listen to all of these artist: 

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