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December 7, 2018

Hi music lovers!  The streets have been talking... It's time for another review! This month's review will feature none other than the highly anticipated album by Meek Mill: Championships. Check out GEN-M and the Chixx review below:


T // Views From The Chixx

To be completely honest, I never listened to any of Meek's albums. I was not a fan of his. Of course I enjoyed his radio singles but not enough to listen to his albums. When Meek was released from prison earlier this year, I saw a different side of him. He became more conscious and self-aware. I knew his next album would be different. My predictions were accurate! On the first listen, I was impressed. Meek gave me a preview into his life. It was raw and vulnerable. He painted a picture of his 7 month prison stint while shedding light on a broken prison system. The album had plenty of features to satisfy anyone’s needs. Cardi’s feature was a pleasant surprise given her recent beef with Nicki. However she bodied her verse which overshadowed Meek . Yikes! The other features were mediocre in my opinion. However it was great to see the support he has from his peers. Can we also talk about the amount of samples used on this album?? ? Someone went a little “samples” crazy, and I loved it! A solid album. I will replay about 3-4 songs.


Joey // Views From The Chixx

As they say in the islands, “you have to give Jack his jacket” which translates to give credit where credit is due. Meek Mill...this album…he did that! Being one of the many Drake fans that ragged on him during their infamous feud (Alexa…play Loyalty by Kendrick Lamar), I have to applaud Meek on this release. He’s had a hell of a year and I’m glad that he didn’t shy away from talking about it on this album. The record plays out like an open book. Meek discusses his trials and tribulations with the broken prison system, failed relationships, and the journey to finding oneself after repeatedly being knocked down. “How many times you send me to jail to know that I won’t fail?” To me that line isn’t just Meek speaking about his personal experience, but more so what it means to be black in America. I also liked the carefully crafted use of samples throughout the project. Hip hop is known for recreating fresh new sounds out of old school jams so it was good to see the production done in this way. Even though the project is jam packed with features, it didn’t take away from Meek’s message. In fact, I think it shows how much support he has from his peers and how he fares against the competition. Overall, solid project.

Quana // Views From The Chixx

Meek Mill clearly had A LOT to get off of his chest and did a great job laying out everything he needed to say in this album. Songs like Trauma and Oodles of Noodles babies talk about the hardships of growing up in the Philly streets and how the "justice" system is rigged for a lot of disenfranchised people of color. Both are very strong songs and solidify Meek as someone to stand with in the fight for social justice toward black men.. Also the sample choices on this album are top notch (Notorious B.I.G. , Beyonce, Mother's finest, etc.) I really enjoyed that the Intro song samples "In the Air tonight" by Phil Collins which shows Meek's (or the producer's) wide range of musical tastes. I think it takes a creative mind to use a non hip hop song (Phil Collins especially) and translate it into a gritty hip hop/rap sample. Also is the song collab w/ Cardi B a not-so-subtle dig at Meek's ex girlfriend?? Not sure, but it's a good one. Overall, Meek used this album to be very transparent about his recent struggles and his recent wins, not just the fun part of fame. I hope to hear more rap from other artists that follows suit.

Drew // Generation Mastermind

"Hold up wait a minute. Y'all thought I was finished?". That infamous line is from the last song of the Philly born rapper that I can recall playing more than once. And it is very coincidental that the line holds true given the tumultuous last 2 years he's had between jail time, a major L he suffered at the hands of Mr. OVO and his public split with former girlfriend Nikki Minaj. I don't think anyone thought that he could recover from those setbacks but with his latest album Championships, he definitely silenced all of his critics. This album delivers a raw and unfiltered look into his recent trials and tribulations which is a nice touch for those of us who appreciate transparency in music. He also displays an ability to switch up his flow in some songs which has always been a knock against him and the "loud/yelling" approach he normally uses. The album also boasts great samples (Biggie, Beyonce, and Phil Knight) and it's clear that he has the respect and support of his peers with features such as HOV, Cardi B (which was most likely a slight to Nikki) and even Drake who he was able to mend his longtime beef with. Overall, I think it's a solid album and worth the recent buzz that is surrounding it.

 What did you think of the album? Take a listen below

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