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October 26, 2018

Hello Good People!

Welcome Back! This week on Bri’s View, we’re talking about the new, new music that’s out and about. Now I’m normally bopping to what’s not on the radio or mainstream, but let’s be honest when the G.O.A.T- New Orleans hometown hero drops an album… you run to go check it out. Now, I wouldn’t be Bri, if I didn’t listen to some of my personal favorites and best friends in my head- like the chocolate barbies; Sevyn Streeter and Ryan Destiny, as well as the UK songstress; Marsha Ambrosious. I’m so hype, I’m typing this while doing the Harlem shake. Let’s get into it!

Ryan Destiny - My best friend in my head, the chocolate Barbie, Ms. Ryan Destiny dropped her very first single as a solo artist. I swear I’m so hype for her. She is a triple threat- a singer, actress, and dancer. Listen Linda! Do not sleep on Ryan, she is indeed a superstar! 

Lil Wayne - The Self- Proclaimed best rapper alive, dropped his much anticipated studio album; Carter V- and its fuego! My personal favorites on the album are “Mona Lisa”, “Uproar”, and “Start this sh*t off right. Sidebar: Don’t we just love Ashanti… I mean sis is a whole vibe. Anywho, if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard Carter V… then your bugging! Download Weezy new album and hit the Nolia Clap. Welcome Back Weezy! 

Marsha Ambrosius - Marsha, Marsha, Marsha…thee songstress! I’ve been rocking with Marsha since her Floetry days- I know y’all remember the songs “Say Yes”, Superstar”, and it’s “Getting Late”. I can go on for days about Floetry, but the songstress of the defunct group put out a new album; Nyla and honey let me tell you… this album will definitely set the mood! Marsha is and will always be THE TRUTH, her musical composition is unrivaled. Her album is simply beautiful. 

Sevyn Streeter - Raise your hand if you remember the R&B girl groups, TG-4 and Rich Girl!! Me, me, me…well if Sevyn looks familiar it’s because she was in both groups. Sevyn went solo, and been grindin’ for a hot minute and it’s paying off. She is a super dope songwriter-you name your favorite artist, and she’s blessed them with some heat. So it should be no surprise when she dropped her hit single “Yernin”. This song is a banger, she sampled the Gap Band song “Yearning”, and freaked it with some sassy lyrics. I cannot wait to hear what else Sevyn has in store.

Edit: Now this post was signed, sealed, and delivered when some new music dropped, such as the likes of Ella Mai, Quavo, and Usher. Real Quick…. Ella Mai is on constant repeat; sis took me out with the Adina Howard sample(do your googles if you have no idea who that is or your young ass hell.. no shade, no tea). Quavo album is still up in the air for me.. it all sounds the same, but of course there are some bops on there. Last, but certainly not least the R&B playboy; Usher dropped a surprise album. Honest moment I’m still listening, but I’m going to be bias and say, I like the album because I like Usher and respect his catalog of music. Below is Bri’s View playlist, I compiled a list of my favorites from all of the artist mentioned above. 

Thanks for rocking with ya girl and I’ll be back next month with some flames, but in the meantime visit me over on Instagram and we can really talk about this music thang! 

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