Album Review | Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V

October 11, 2018

Hi music lovers! We teamed up with Generation Mastermind for a new music feature -- we're doing album reviews. First up is Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V! Check out below to see if this album was flop or bop.


T // Views From The Chixx

Aye... Mr.Carter.. Where have you been??? lol I have been patiently waiting for another installment of Tha Carter..Wayne has finally answered my question! After listening, for a week straight I have came to conclusion that this album is truly for his fans. He took me back to the early 00"s where rappers had more finesse. Each track showcased his witty bars with a smooth delivery. I loved hearing the Swizz Beatz produced track "Uproar". It showcases "Mixtape Weezy" which I love. Overall I think the album is solid and it paid homage to reason why Weezy is at the top of his class. Initially I was expecting more upbeat tracks but I think he gave listeners a sample of his versatility on this project. As a music lover, I can appreciate that. Does this album have replay value... The jury is still out.. However I did download a couple songs that are currently on rotation..


Joey // Views From The Chixx

Tha Carter V is a solid album. He sounds like old Wayne from the early 2000s so I think his core fan base will either love it or hate it. Some may prefer that sound while others may have wanted to see some growth in his artistry.  I didn't really have any expectations, I was just glad to see that he was releasing a new project. "Uproar" had me harlem shaking left and right and I know I'm always giving her shit, but I did like Nicki's vocals on "Dark Side of The Moon". A lot of fillers sprinkled here and there -- I would've been good with a cool 15 tracks vs. the 23 that we got.  We all know he kind of birthed the yatchys and uzi's of the world with the "lil" tag name, face tattoos, and colored dreads so his influence is definitely present in the new age rappers even though they might not connect with this album.

Quana // Views From The Chixx

It’s been 7 years since Wayne’s last album and 23 songs was appropriate, considering the time fans have been waiting for this album. The songs with features are stand out songs for me especially Mona Lisa feat. Kendrick Lamar. The storytelling is fantastic throughout the album as Wayne speaks on so many topics such as his legal issues with Cash money, being famous for most of his life, and doubts toward his comeback. Some of the songs feel a bit dated but still fit within the context of his return to music. I also enjoyed the involvement of his family in this album as his daughter Reginae, his mom Jacida, and his son’s mother Nivea are all featured. Overall, A solid album and i’m excited to hear what else Lil Wayne has in store musically.

Drew // Generation Mastermind

The Carter V is the latest edition to Lil Wayne's musical resume and as his previous releases has taught us, he never disappoints. There has been speculation of whether or not he can live up to they hype. Question answered, he did. From the collaborations with heavy hitters such as Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar, to the production from the likes of Swizz Beats, Metro Boomin, DJ Mustard and Mannie Fresh, the album is multifaceted and has a variety of sounds (which ultimately appeals to different audiences). What I particularly liked about the album was Wayne's lyrical content which is a major factor in how I evaluate an artist and their album. His bars and punch lines were smooth, catchy and calculated which is what originally propelled him to the pinnacles of Hip Hop royalty and what resonated with his core fans who have been loyal to him all these years even in his absence.

What did you think of the album? Take a listen below

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