EP 38 | The Chixx Mixx: What We're Listening To

September 11, 2018


On this week’s episode, the ladies discuss some of their favorite artist that they have in rotation. If you are in a R&B funk or need new artist to listen to ? Then this mix is for you. The chixx featured some up and coming musicians that have a fresh new sound. We also discussed the sub genre to R&B " acoustic soul".  Our goal is to introduce listeners to new artist that you would not typically hear on the radio.  

Plus the ladies filled you in on some girl talk.. Find out how T & Quana discovered that they have the same crush..  Joey also joined in on the fun and talked about her love for Luke James and Jesse Boykins III.

Take a listen and Let us know what you think!

[5.58 Alexa play R. Kelly ft. Jay-z Not guilty]
[9.26 What T has been listening to]
[10.00 Quana discusses her love hate relationship with Tinashe ]
[15.00 Nia Ekanem music feature]
[16.47 What Quana has been listening to]
[22.11 T & Quana discuss their love for YG]
[24.00 Arin Ray music feature]
[27.17 What Joey has been listening to]

Nia Ekanem – Fading
Arin Ray ft. YG - We Ain't Homies
Charlette Day Wilson –Where Do You Go

*Tracks will get you through long commutes or even a long day *

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