Mixx 4 Ya Mind | Carnival Killa

August 20, 2018

This month’s GM x VC playlist is titled “Carnival Killer”. The team curated a compilation of songs, in celebration of Caribbean carnival in Toronto, Antigua and Barbados. For our fellow New Yorkers, let’s not forget Labor day (carnival NY style)  is right around the corner! We have to celebrate that too!  If you have not experienced carnival before then I’m sure you’re suffering from major FOMO right now! Carnival season is the best time of the year. People from all over the world gather to celebrate Caribbean culture by dressing up in festive garb while dancing all over the streets for the ultimate turn up!  

There are various musical genres in the Caribbean which include, reggae, calypso, salsa, bachata and merengue but if you ask us, Soca is the soul of the Caribbean. It plays a major role in depicting the lives, history and culture of the islands. The vibrations from the beats and rhythm of the steel drums will have you dancing all night long. Just think of it as Red Bull for your ears...

Soca has the ability to uplift people and get them through tough times so if you are having a rough week or just need a pick me up — Listen to this playlist! Trust us you will be whing in your seat but don’t worry, nobody has to know! 

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