EP 37 | Is This Your QUEEN??

August 22, 2018


In this week’s episode, we discuss Nicki Minaj’s new album QUEEN. Unlike previous episodes we decided to spice things up a bit. We prerecorded our projections before them album was released. Just our opinions based on her single releases thus far.  You know the songs Chung Li and Barbie Tingz. Sounds familiar?? Then we recorded our final thoughts two weeks after the album was released. Since Nicki has been all over the headlines lately we tackled everything! The Chixx disused the controversial Forbes magazine article where writer Bryan Rolli, criticize the album rollout. If you didn’t read the article, he basically read her for filth in the most intellectual way possible. (Yikes!!) 

Find out if the ladies agree with him or not. The conversation got heated! In the second half of the episode, we discuss the album and how all of Nicki’s antics has overshadowed her talent. Overall, we have had enough... Where is mixtape Nicki?? We need Itty Bitty Piggy back? Where is Roman??

Let’s just say the Barb’s or even Nicki herself may find their way to our DM… Don’t worry we stay ready… (hahaha) But seriously, do you think this album was flop or bop?? Tune in and share your thoughts.

[1.00] Future of Nicki Minaj
[2.00] Forbes Magazine Article Break Down 
[3.59] Kim & Kanye at 2 Chainz Wedding 
[14.50] Projection -Will Queen Be A Success or Not?
[16.46] Can Nicki Successfully Cross Over Again To the Pop Charts?
[19.29] Review After 2 Weeks of the Album Being Released 

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