EP 35 | Hit Makers & Producers

July 16, 2018


When was the last time you heard a song and thought "Who produced this?" or "Who created this beat?" Here at VFTC, we are constantly in search of the artists, hit makers, and beat creators behind the music. In this episode we show mad love to the beat creators who deserve a piece of the spotlight. The days of the close knit artist/producer relationship is alive and well.

Can you name your favorite music producer? If not, allow us to point you in the right direction. Take it from us, your fave artists also have a fave producer and they are making BEAUTIFUL music together. We talk in detail about producers Zaytoven, TrapMoneyBenny, Surf club aka Hit-Boy & Chase N. Cashe, and Steve Lacy. This is just a few of the hit makers we are watching & taking notice of now that the music producer has become just as popular as the artist out in front.

- Billionaire Banshee Game: Will we date or deny this potential suitor?
- T let's us know what Drake song represents our Astrological signs 
- We briefly discuss our thoughts on Drake's album Scorpion
- Being a fan of an artist includes being able to critique their music + not like everything they create
- We break down the careers and hits from producers we love 
- Snoop Dogg and Memes of JayZ on a jet ski HAHA
- Shoutout to the BEAT MAKER who created our theme song Maskssss, created by Wavy Bagels 

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