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July 14, 2018

Allow me to introduce myself... my name is Brianna!

I hope you rapped that in your best Jay-Z voice...I’m B! from B* The Plug and I’ll be collaborating with the ladies of viewsfromthechixx for a monthly run down of the music I’m currently into. Now I’m no music aficionado, but I do know some shit. I’m super hyped to share my very eclectic taste of music with y’all, so let’s get into it!

To kick off Bri’s view, I’m going to take y’all International. Where do I begin? I thoroughly enjoy; what I like to call “International R&B”. There’s not enough love in the world that can express how much I love international artists. They’re hungry, they’re so talented, and below are just a few of my favorites that I’ve been moving and grooving to lately. Now you might have heard of some of these ladies and if you haven’t, then you’re in for a treat.

Love and light


Ray Blk is the British Lauryn Hill-get acquainted with her quickly!

Jorja Smith who a lot of people have heard of, was the young lady on Drake’s lastalbum (“Jorja’s Interlude” and “Get it Together”)- Smith herself just dropped her debut album which was flames and a total vibe.

Seinabo Sey hails from Sweden and she’s written for some major artists; just a few months back she released music videos for her two singles “Breathe” and “I owe you nothing”- If you do nothing else, please get into the fashions in both videos (You’re welcome in advance).

Mahalia gives me all the feels with her soulful voice on her song “Sober” and her collab with rapper Jay prince.

Cherrie who also hails from Sweden is so dope! She sings in Swedish, but trust me it’s so good; even singer Kehlani rocks with her.

Last but certainly not least; this artist opened the door to to my obsession with “International R&B”; Nao! If you’ve watched Issa Rae’s hit tv show Insecure than you’ve heard Nao’s music. Her voice is velvety smooth and she puts on hell of a show- so if you ever have the chance to see her perform... it’s totally worth it.

Below is a playlist of my favorite songs from each artist’s. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Feel free to drop me a line if you have some music I should listen to or if you just want to let me know you’re vibing with me. Thank you for rocking with me with...'til next time.

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