EP 34 | Bring The Beef

June 28, 2018


In the hip-hop industry beefs are just a part of the game. Some beefs are short lived while others last a lifetime... Today, social media ignites more beefs than ever. Do you remember Trigger fingers vs. Twitter fingers? Lol If the answer is yes, then the first two artist that popped in your head is Drake & Meek Mill. That beef resulted in one of the best dis records of all time “Back to Back”.

Unfortunately, Drake didn’t hold the reign for too long once the “Story of Adonis” made its debut. PushaT held no prisoners in this war of words. To celebrate this victory, in this weeks’ episode the chixx discussed this beef and their top three beefs of all time. The conversation got heated among st the ladies as they played a beef trivia game. Especially when it came time to claim the winner of each round. Take a listen to the episode and play along with us.

Played a game name that beef both in pop/r& b/hip hop (BRING THE BEEF)
Does Kanye have goons?? [ 33.00 ]
JAY Z & NAS BEEF [35.30]
T mentions J. Cole yet again.. {36.00}
Jay-z 3 year affair with Nas baby mother {44.49}
50cent & Ja Rule [50.03]
Drake & Meek Mill [59.24]

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