EP 27 | Can't Get Enough Of You w/ Judaea

April 9, 2018

On this week's episode we sat down with singer/songwriter Judaea to discuss her passion for music and how it motivates her to live life without fear. She opens up about being shy regarding her talents at first, but soon realized that her gifts could be used to uplift and encourage others to do the same. Growing up in a musical household she's always had a love affair with the art and considers herself a poet in her own right. As she takes us on a journey of her writing process Judaea admits that most of the time the words just come naturally.

She recently released her single "Can't Get Enough of You" which depicts a dangerous addictive love that much like a drug takes you on a high you can't come down from. She's currently working on her EP which will delve in to topics of self-love, limitless living, empowerment, and so much more! So take a listen and find out why we simply can't get enough of Judaea!

Featured Music:
Judaea - Can't Get Enough of You

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