Bonus | Rapallaneous - Battle of the Sexes

April 7, 2018

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of being guests on the Rapallaneous podcast for their Battle of the Sexes episode! Rapallaneous is a hip hop music based podcast centered around the infamous rap rebuttal, where each host battles one another on a song choice for the week. So for this episode the chixx went toe to toe with the fellas debating our favorite tracks from 90s R&B to 2000s Hip Hop. 

We had a lot of fun kicking it with the guys discussing something that we're all so passionate about. The debate got intense at times but keep in mind that we're all lovers of music and we're sensitive about our shit, lol! So tune in and let us know your thoughts! Did the chixx hold it down? Or did the fellas take the crown? 

Featured Music:
Real Love by Mary J Bliege
No Diggity by Blackstreet
Work it by Missy Elliot
Lovin it by Little Brother ft Joe Sudda

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