EP 25 | Hearts & Roses w/ Star Castillo

March 20, 2018

We all have a wistful affection for the past -- nostalgia. Some of us reflect on how great the past was while others focus on what the future may bring. In this week's episode we interviewed singer/song-writer, Star Castillo, who chooses to live in the present. Her upcoming EP Hearts & Roses takes us on a journey of self discovery. On this project she discusses different moments in her life that helped define who she is today. Her latest single, Drowning, describes a point in time where she battled with anxiety and depression which led her down a path that was no longer her own. Through her relationship with God, she refused to be submerged by negative thoughts and she chose to rise above it all. 

Star is a Jersey girl with a whole lot of soul. Her music is heavily influenced by R&B with a little bit of pop and her amazing vocals is not the only thing that will captivate you. She is a musician in every sense of the word. At an early age she taught herself how to play the guitar and later also learned the piano. Star's music is powerful yet beautifully calming and her ability to tell a story will elevate you and leave you wanting more. So sit back and relax while this beautiful vocalist takes you on a little tour called life.

Featured Music:
Peter Collins - Love like
Star Castillo - Shambles
Star Castillo - Drowning

More On Star:
• Website - www.Starcastillo.com
• Instagram - www.instagram.com/starcastillo_
• Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/starcastillomusic
• Music - http://smarturl.it/starcastillo

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