EQ Sessions BK Recap

February 8, 2018

It’s a new year! So why not start the year off right?? On Jan 12th we partnered with rapper and founder James Weldon of the EQ sessions. This event was created to provide a platform for independent artist to showcase their talent. Through this partnership we hosted our first event in Brooklyn.

To set the mood we also teamed up with the Curated Vibes Group who curated the space with finishing touches. During the event independent artist from the Philadelphia and the New York area preformed in intimate space surrounded by art. After each set the Chixx conducted mini interviews. Allowing the audience to get to know each musician on a intimate level.

This mini concert also provided  guest with music inspired cocktails provided by Barbie Tender. Plus a live DJ set to keep the atmosphere live and kicking. If you now have a sudden rush of FOMO, don’t worry because we will have more events to come in the future!

Check out event pics below:

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