EP 22 | The State of R&B w/ Joe Fuego

January 16, 2018

After being on hiatus for couple years, singer/song-writer Joe Fuego is back to mark his spot in the music industry. Joe came from humble beginnings... He grew up mimicking the greats such as Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown to name a few.. However his passion for music didn't stop there! During his adolescence Joe joined the Harlem Boys Choir which gave him the opportunity to tour the world.

Now in his 20's Joe's passion for music has evolved into much more. He took some time to perfect his craft and now he is ready to release his EP the Sex Tape. His single "Want Your Body" is definitely a song to leave the ladies feeling very sexy and wanting more... Like his namesake his music is definitely hot..For more about Joe Fuego be sure to take a listen to our latest episode . We also premiered his unreleased track "911" to keep the fire burning. 

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Music We Highlighted:
• Joe Fuego - Want Your Body
• Joe Fuego - 911

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