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September 19, 2017

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It's officially been a full week since the Season 2 finale of #Insecure and we are going through it ya'll! These withdrawals are no joke, who else is with us?? In this episode we break down some of our favorite moments from the finale, what we look forward to for season 3, and the bomb ass masterpiece that is the Insecure Soundtrack!

Music We Highlighted:
• TT The Artist - Real Bitch Problems
• Issae Rae - Broken Pussy
• Leikeli147 - Attitude
• Goldlink - Crew
• NAO - Feels Like

What We Discussed:
• Our favorite moments from Insecure's season finale
• What Issa should have done after the Daniel "incident"
• Reasons why Dro *might* be the ultimate fuck boy
• Shazam + Insecure = NECESSARY

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