EP 12 | Ctrl Alt Del To Side Chicks f/ Martez Galore

June 17, 2017

The title of this episode should say it all but if it doesn’t.. Let’s dissect …
First we discuss a couple hot topics which included Amber Rose’s feminist cry for help. No she didn't coordinate a protest she got naked instead. And just when you think tea was getting hot.. Bill Mahr got out of pocket and misused the n-word (SHAME ON YOU) But the hot topics doesn’t stop there… We also discuss who or what is an extension Opps! We meant XXXtentacion.. After the tea brewed it was time dissect TDE’s first lady SZA’s new album CTRL.. And boy did we get deep!!! Tune in to find out our initial thoughts on the album and how one of the Chixx found out she was a side chick.

What We Discussed:
Amber Rose claiming nudity in the name of feminism
XXXtentacian getting knocked the fuck out at his show
Bill Mahr's ultimate Freudian Slip and denial of his whiteness
Donald Glover's retirement from music as Childish Gambino
Our take on SZA's highly anticipated album

Music We Highlighted:
Childish Gambino - So Into You (Tamia cover)
SZA - Doves In The Wind
SZA - Broken Clocks
SZA - Go Gina

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