Bonus | Live Grammy Party

February 14, 2017

This week we sat down with our friends for our Grammy Viewing Party and discussed the performances, outfits, political statements, acceptance speeches, and everything in between. Here are some topic highlights below:

- Chance the Rapper = #Blackboyjoy We love you Chance!

- The "You're taking too long during your speech" music sounds like a funeral procession

- Ed Sheeran = White Chocolate (according to T) :-)

- How did Beyonce' sing and not lose her breath while having 2 little humans sitting in her belly???!

- ATCQ KILLED their performance! #resistagentorange

- Bruno Mars STAY surprising us with his many talents

- ya'll gonna do Rihanna like that?

- Adele is as much of a Beyonce' Stan as any beehive member you know

Check out the episode link above to hear the whole commentary. See you all very soon!

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