EP 71 | Badu$$y

February 18, 2020

On this week’s episode, the chixx explore Erykah Baud’s new business venture Budu$$y. Not sure what that is exactly??? Think about it and use context clues.. Yes.. It is what you are thinking.

The convo about Badu$$y resulted in some entertaining banter. Plus the ladies honored black history on each of their segments:

1st segment [16.45] “A dose of dopeness” host Joey features “The 7 percent Series” an organization created to empower women in the producing and engineering field. Did you know this industry only consist of 7% of women??? 

2nd segment [25:36] “Let me upgrade you”- host Quana features Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner – a black woman, who invented a lot of products that upgraded our lives as women

3rd [36.27]- “Behind the lyrics” host T breaks down the lyrics of Lauryn Hill’s song “Black Rage” a song about the police brutality within the black community.

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